Taylor Leavitt

Taylor Leavitt is Managing Partner and CEO of Leavitt Equity Partners. Mr. Leavitt brings nearly 20 years of healthcare and finance experience and has been responsible, as LEP’s chief executive, to manage and execute the overall mission of LEP, its investment activities, and subsequent performance—including directing the management of the firm’s investment decisions, portfolio holdings, due diligence processes, and relationships with its investors and Partner Funds. Taylor sat or currently sits on the Board of Directors of several LEP portfolio companies. He has managed LEP since inception, overseeing the fundraising of its two prior funds and their deployment into 30+ portfolio companies.

Before Leavitt Equity Partners, Taylor launched and led Leavitt Partners’ (the consulting firm) Equity Practice which advised both private equity and hedge funds on healthcare investment opportunities and industry dynamics. Additionally, Taylor managed Leavitt Partners’ internal equity portfolio holdings which included Health Equity (NASD:HQY), RSA Medical, Independent Living Systems, Cogent Healthcare, and others.

Prior to joining Leavitt Partners, Taylor worked for ZARS Pharma, a venture capital funded pharmaceutical company, engaged in corporate acquisitions, licensing and business development operations. While at ZARS, he identified and executed strategic corporate transactions on a global basis, including merger and acquisitions, national and international product licenses, IP and technology licenses, and R&D alliances.

In other capacities, Taylor has worked with Epic Venture Capital, The Park City Center for Public Policy, SAIC, and Keystone Global Investment LLC. He received an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Business and graduated magna cum laude from Utah State University with degrees in finance, economics and international business.